Vpilot voice garbled

Tonight I was flying the Northern Corridor event. Throughout my flight from KMDW to KPVD my voice receive was garbled. I live in Florida but the server puts me on the Canada Server which is always the busiest server. I used VATSPY to ping all the servers and the Canada Server was showing red on a few of the boxes when I pinged it. I get a better connection on USA-EAST but the new system keeps putting me on Canada. Is there a way for users to be able to connect to a closer server? I’m sure the answers no but it would be nice to have the option when it’s busy. Also I checked my internet speeds, I’m getting 900+ up/down this evening on my AT&T 1gig fiber connection.

VATSPY Ping - > Screenshot by Lightshot

The Automatic server selection only affects FSD, and has no effect on audio/AFV - That’s a complete different server.

Any idea what was causing the garbled audio? Did 3 flights earlier today and audio was fine. This evening it was awful. Never had this issue before on Vatsim and nothing has changed on my system today.

Other audio programs like Discord, Youtube, etc are all sounding fine.

Update, talked to two other pilots and they were seeing the same thing. Guess it might be a voice server issue.

Didn’t see any posts about that on Discord, but not sure.
Could be some upstream provider between you and the AFV servers that was overloaded, that could explain why other pilots saw the same issue.