Vpilot UI rework

The current Vpilot UIs are outdated and not 2022ish even the plane version look better and has more features, wouldn’t be nice to have a fresh Vpilot ?

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What plane version are you talking about? To be honest I don’t think the UI is that bad, even for 2022 minimalism standards… If you have any suggestions on what can be improved instead of just saying ‘it’s bad’, we’re all ears!

I think the UI works very well. Very easy to use it!

agree, the UI is fine. Not everything needs to be sleek and modern like it’s the newest mobile app.

On the other hand, since this thread is active: I just bumped a vpilot feature request in the old forums with Ross about the ability to have comm specific/multiple PTT’s (one for Com1 and 1 for Com2).

This was one reason I developed VSR; it takes VATSIM data and displays it in an MSFS toolbar,app with maps, one click frequency changes & inbound/outbound VATSIM messaging integration (via VPilot)

Its is used extensively in VR as you don’t need to jump out to vPilot , but works just as well in normal mode or in a standlone browser.

VSR is freeware developed for the community


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Amazing app downloading it right now!

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Can you drag this window to another screen? Also, any performance hit on MSFS I having this open all the time?

Yes, you can detach the window like any MSFS tookbar app, or run in a separate browser such as Chrome on http://localhost:1228 .

We have done a huge amount of testing regards performance and redesigned or throttled some features to avoid issues. The server is standalone from the simulator and processes the VATSIM feed and other data sources, the toolbar app itself loads a webpage from the server

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FYI related to performance - in debug mode the server measures , logs and stores performance metrics, so you can where there any issues

BTW - anyone have any ideas why so many controllers are returning empty TEXT_ATIS fields?