Vpilot; Tx & Rx freq greyed out. P3Dv4

Hi all, according to the FAQ section I am not connecting to the network properly.
Ican see ATC controllers and online aircraft. BUT cannot voice connect.
Yes the engine is running & avionics is ON.
I can switch freq’s and VPilot responds okay, BUT no blue light, Tx & Rx remain greyed out.
Running in Admin mode for both Vpilot & P3Dv4.
Appreciate any help, this is the first time I’ve had problems with VPilot in years.
Things I have done;
Windows 10.
Ran P3d repair mode.
Uninstalled & reinstalled Vpilot 3.4.10 several times.
removed software that was providing Real Time Traffic, couldn’t get this to work either.
No addon antivirus programs installed.
Occasionally it will connect with voice.Thought it was text zoom settings upsetting vpilot. Wrong again.

Further to this the new install complete OK, but does not start the program as it says it will.
Also the dektop icon will not start by using right click Administrator setting. Have to go to file location & right click vpilot.exe.
Regards Mike.
Ps, removed Navigraph simlink connect, Vpilot now working. Hmmmm, now to check navigraph, later though, much later.