vPilot Towerview - Any Success using the New version of vPilot?

I noted with interest the recent policy change to allow Towerview connections directly to the network with vPilot, instead of relying on connecting to EuroScope.

However, I can’t seem to get it to work. When I type the .towerview command, I am immediately disconnected without explanation. Can anyone in the tech team look at the error log and explain why? No disconnection reason is posted.

I noticed that, for an instant, I am on the network. I saw my _TV callsign appear in Euroscope as an observer for an instant, but then, buh bye.

Thanks guys!

[02:04:24] Connecting to network...
[02:04:24] Connected to network in tower view mode.
[02:04:24] SERVER: Welcome to VATSIM! Need help getting started? Visit https://vats.im/plc for excellent resources.
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[02:04:24] SERVER: For the latest community and network updates visit our website or connect with us on Discord https://vats.im/community
[02:04:24] SERVER: Thanks for being a part of the community and enjoy your session!
[02:04:24] Consider supporting VATSIM: https://donate.vatsim.net 
[02:04:25] Disconnected from network.

Edit: Yes, running vPilot v3.7.0

are you connected via EuroScope as an active controller?
this change vPilot made doesn’t support observer connections on EuroScope, for whatever reason.

I was testing my setup yesterday so I was logged into ES aa an OBServer. I infer from your question that I need to be connected as an active controller?

I will try again. Thanks for the help.

(Maybe a descriptive error message with the disconnect may help others in the future.)


Further confirmation that YES, towerview does work BUT you have to be connected as a controller first. Mysterious disconnects may be due to not being online as a controller…