Vpilot shortcuts

Hello guys!
It will be nice if there will be some F-keys with some sentence like “.com both” or some phrases.
best regards

Hello Sir,
I think you mean if there are a hotkeys or short-command to make a message, in this case you can go to this page →
Here you can find all the dot-commands that you can do in the network as a pilot during a flight.

Hope to have help you, GoodDay :slight_smile:

Hello! right!
But i don´t want use a keyboard i want press only a button for the dot-command.
Like “F-Keys”.
Best regards

Hello again Peter,

If I understand correctly, you are looking for a way to execute dot-commands on the VPilot without using the keyboard, but just pressing a button, like the “F-Keys”. Unfortunately, VPilot doesn’t support customizing function keys, but there are some alternatives you could try.

One solution might be to use a keymapper program, such as JoyToKey or AutoHotkey, to order timely commands to a button of your choice on your keyboard or a controller.

Another option might be to use specific flight simulation hardware, such as a control panel or programmable joystick, that allows you to customize the keys.
I hope these options can help you find a solution that fits your needs.

Hope to Have Help You :slight_smile: