vPilot ruins sound quality when used with airpods

When using vpilot with airpods, it absolutely destroys the sound quality of every program on the computer. It makes the sounds from every program sound as though it’s coming through a radio, making it impossible to hear ATC or other aircraft clearly, or even to use youtube while flying

Any updates on this issue?
It makes vatsim impossible to use

Umm… try a real headset?

Damn don you really had the……Engines to say that!

Sorry, no offense meant of course. I’ve just never heard of anyone using airpods on VATSIM. I suppose it’s possible, and in such a large community I’m sure there are probably a number of people that do it, but I’ve just never heard of it.

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This is an issue with how Bluetooth works, not with VATSIM.

Using the microphone on a Bluetooth device connected to Windows/macOS/etc switches it from the music profile to the headset profile, causing audio quality to drop drastically.

The solution is to not use the AirPods microphone.

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