VPilot request: CID used to connect to network



can I request an additional attribute for the networkconnected event? It would be useful to have VATSIM CID, we use this attribute quite a bit in VSR to get flightplans, remove your own aircraft from the map etc. We can fish it out of the Vpilot ini file via the vpilot install directory registry setting, but its messy, and I’m never keen on fishing around a user’s drives in a non VSR context.

Currently the user manually asserts this attribute when they start using VSR, but if it was retrieved at the vPilot network connection then it becomes an authoratative attribute for the user’s session.

This will also be useful going forward to use as part of a unique session identifier when VSR eventually moves to the cloud - possibility correlating with a VATSIM OAUTH request (if I’m allowed :wink:)

happy to discuss further if needed



    <member name="M:RossCarlson.Vatsim.Vpilot.Plugins.Events.NetworkConnectedEventArgs.#ctor(System.String,System.String,System.String,System.Boolean)">
        Initializes a new instance.
        <param name="callsign">The callsign specified for the connection.</param>
        <param name="typeCode">The aircraft type code specified for the connection.</param>
        <param name="selcalCode">The SELCAL code specified for the connection, if any.</param>
        <param name="observerMode">Whether or not the connection is in observer mode.</param>

Sure, I’ll add that in the next release.

Brilliant, thanks that will definitely help