VPilot request: Automatic UNICOM tuning on COM 1

Would it be possible for vPilot to automatically tune COM 1 radio to 122.800 UNICOM frequency at the moment one connects to the VATSIM network? The same way IVAO ALTITUDE client does.
I tried to save Panel State in PMDG 737 (MSFS) but unfortunately with no luck.

I am not sure this is such a good idea. By automatically tuning to 122.800 we risk having unintentional chatter and users keying up on the frequency when they aren’t aware they are on the unicom frequency. It also increases the impact for frequency abuse/connection spamming, as well as several other implications.

In my opinion, tuning to unicom should be an intentional act - if you don’t know how to tune to unicom, you likely won’t know how to use it properly either.

Absolutely! Tuning ANY frequency should be intentional.

I do agree with you guys that tuning to UNICOM should be intentional and mandatory. Unfortunately many pilots don’t do that.
Actually I am not asking this for myself since tuning to UNICOM is part of my checklist. It does happen regularly that once I am online and do the radio check I don’t get response from the pilots which are on the same airport which means that they are probably not tuned to UNICOM frequency.
Anyway, thanks for your response guys. :slight_smile: