Vpilot radio not working

Whenever I open vpilot and I turn on the aircraft and all its systems including the radio even though I have the microphone correctly selected as well as for an output device I never hear the ATC. In the vpilot window you can’t find 2 frequencies, comm 1 and 2 which should be colored in blue, but mine is plain white. Also, whenever I click the push to talk button the rx button, which should be illuminated whenever I click the PTT button does not illuminate. The aircraft is correctly turned on, and the push to talk button has been correctly applied. I can text atc but I can’t speak to them. Can somebody help?Thanks

What steps from the vPilot Tips, Tricks, FAQ and Troubleshooting Guide - vPilot - VATSIM Community have you already tried, and what were the results?

I have already tried them all, but there is one that is generating me doubt. There is one saying that if i already run MSFS as an administrator, i should also run vpilot as an admin. I DO RUN VATSIM AS AN ADMINISTRATOR but i do not run msfs as an admin. Could this be the culprit?

ATC can also see if im moving. The only problem is speaking, can text, and yes, everything is set up. So what could be the problem?

The most common reason for such an issue has been not ensuring there is power to the radios. Which aircraft has this been happening on? Have you tried multiple aircraft? Have you tried default aircraft?

Did you install vPilot as an administrator?

Oh. I did have the problem with the 737, but also with other 15, but i dont know if i installed vpilot as an admin or not. I just hit install. Also, maybe it was a antivirus firewall, ill check ASAP. However, i also want to know how to install it as an admin. Thanks.

I have the same problem with the FSLabs. I can tune 8.33 khz on the Sim, but it is not transfered to vPilot. The strange thing is, 118.730 is possible an it works, but 121.855 does not work.

@874172 I’m not sure this is the same problem… You may want to open your own thread. Unfortunately, I don’t know what your issue could be.

@1734389 Not sure I understand fully — you are saying that all aircraft in your sim have the same problem?

Yes, certainly check your firewall.

Still, vpilot does not work

You mention in your initial post that you have the “ microphone connected as an output device”
The microphone should be connected as an input device which may be the cause of your problem.
Check under input devices…microphone in windows audio settings.

Sorry, I got confused. I ment input