Vpilot on remote machine without using remote/host

I’d like to run vpilot on remote machine without having to run anything on the flight sim pc. I’m already running 4 other apps on the flight sim pc and don’t want add an additional 2. I also run Prosim Audio 2 for the intercom and they have to be on the same computer to work. Someone suggested Simconnect on 2nd pc but can’t find any more information on it.

Have you checked this? Documentation - vPilot - Pilot Client for VATSIM

It does say in the documentation that it does connect via Simconnect but is there a way to run a remote Simconnect session on a second pc like widefs works with fsuipc?

This is not possible. The host needs to be able to scan the harddrive to find supported sims and all the installed models. Also, doing all the simconnect calls over the network makes the aircraft movement too stuttery.