Vpilot not connecting with Towerview

Hey Everyone

So today i thought i would try the tower view command with euroscope and when i go to connect with Vpilot it connects using the .towerview command and within a second i get disconnected is there any advice you could throw my way please


You need to be connected as a controller in Euroscope, an OBS connection won’t work (anymore).

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work with sweatbox anymore too.
Does anyone know the reason behind this change?

The CRC Dev Team didn’t want to spend time implementing a proxy fuction (or it didn’t work with their architecture, not sure) and petitioned the BoG to make a change to the CoC to allow for an additional connection for tower view purposes (C7(b)).

With this section of the CoC in place vPilots tower view functionality was changed to utilize this new section of the CoC - this results in a lot of additional functionality for users of CRC (tower view works) but has the side effects of “tower view no longer works as an observer” and “tower view no longer works on sweatbox” for users of ES and vatSys.

Thanks for the reply.
Clearly that’s not a fair and optimal solution. Could this additional connection be somehow used in Sweatbox or as an observer?

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Not really, since pilot clients are not “aware” you want to connect to sweatbox instead of the live servers.

I suggested the option for vPilot to keep the old functionality with a different command or a separate parameter, like .towerview to use this new system as it’s now, but allow the option to provide a host/ip like .towerview to connect to a local proxy, but didn’t get a reply.

As for observer, the current wording on CoC B7(b) leads to believe that only active controllers can have this additional connection, so that’s how it was implemented on the FSD/client side.

@887155 could something like this be considered to re-enable the possibility of tower view with sweatbox or local FSD server? Would be greatly appreciated!

As far as as observer connections and tower view go, how about when vACCs want to live stream events with tower and radar view? Is that option out of question now?

I may add the ability to connect to a local proxy server, but it’s not very high priority since tower view is a nicety, not a necessity for controlling on VATSIM, especially in the context of training on sweatbox.

As for being able to use tower view when you just have an observer connection from your ATC client, that’s a policy choice that VATSIM made, and it is enforced on the server side, so it’s not something I can change.