VPilot not connecting to MSFS

My VPilot client seems to be failing to connect to MSFS - the simulator is running but when I go to connect it gives a “Command failed. Please ensure that a supported simulator is running” error. It finds the community folder when running a scan, so it is able to locate the simulator, just not connect to it. This problem crops up when running VPilot as admin and when running it normally. I’ve set up an exception for it in my antivirus, but had no luck with that either.

After doing some research, the only thing that seems to work is shutting down the sim, deleting the SimConnect.xml file and starting the sim up again, but this isn’t a viable option for the long term. Is there a more permanent solution to my problem?

Where is the SimConnect.xml file located? And does it get recreated after you delete it, and that’s why it’s not a long-term solution to delete it? Can you post a copy of the file?

Hi Ross,

Thanks for your reply, the SimConnect.xml file is located in the LocalCache folder of the simulator install. It does get recreated on each load of the simulator - it works fine for one load of the simulator but after that VPilot can’t connect to the sim again. I don’t think I can attach a document on these forums, but if you have an email address I can send it to you that way?

Many thanks,