vPilot no supported flight simulators were deteceted MSFS

I have MSFS 2020 from the microsoft store and whenever I open vPilot it gives me a error saying “no supported flight simulators were detected”

Can someone guide me to the right direction with this? MSFS is installed in the APP DATA

Hello Sir,
I saw on internet for you problem, and i think for you the better ways to solve your problem are:

-Make sure the flight simulator is properly installed and running before launching vPilot. Also, verify that your flight simulator version is supported by vPilot.

-If the flight simulator is running, but vPilot does not detect it, try starting vPilot with administrative rights. Right-clicking the vPilot icon and selecting “Run as administrator” may fix the problem.

-Make sure you have the latest version of vPilot installed on your computer. You can download it from the vPilot website.

-If you are still having trouble, try contacting VATSIM or vPilot technical support for assistance. They may be able to provide you with additional tips or solutions specific to your problem.

Hope to have help you, let me update :slight_smile:

Yup I’ve done all of those, tried loading up MSFS and then load up vPilot via Run as Administrator and it still says no game detected :frowning:

Hello again Sir,
Now then… I will search another ways to fix it and if i will find a methods i will say to you all :slight_smile:
Hope to have help you and thanks in advance for you patience :slight_smile:

I’ll try to reinstall the game, hopefully that helps.

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Please check your multiplayer settings. Open MSFS, go to the General Options and look at your settings under “Data” and ensure that you have “Multiplayer” set to “On”. Just an idea :slightly_smiling_face: Also I am not sure, but if you use Xbox version instead of PC version vPilot might not work (nto sure about this though).