vPilot Model Priority

When I used vPilot with P3D, I could layer my model folders in the Model Matching/Advanced tab of vPilot. For some reason now with MSFS, all models, regardless if they are in different folders (and two different drives with Addon Linker), are all put under 1 drop down, SimObjects\Airplanes. I cannot find out how to separate them so I can layer them for priority model matching?

I just bought FSTraffic from JustFlight for their models. I also have FSTL models. Now each have their own VMR file. I have the fstraffic a higher priority than the FSTL VMR. But with all models being under one drop down, will that even matter? Will the fstraffic vmr look first at the fstraffic models being that all models are under one SimObjects\Airplanes dropdown?

MSFS puts all aircraft in the same “virtual” folder so there is no way to prioritize them that way. However, ordering of folders is only relevant for automatic model matching. If you use VMR files, that takes precedence, so you should be all set.

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Good deal, thank you,