vPilot Model Matching

One of the aircraft that I fly–actually, the one I principally fly–is the A2A B-17. None of the 12 models that belong to that category are identified. What do I need to do so that others on VATSIM see my actual aircraft for what it is?

You can’t do anything to influence how others see you. It is up to others to have model matching software that identifies a B-17, if they choose to. If others do not feel the need to acquire software that will portray your B-17, that’s their prerogative.

Hey! Thanks for the quick response, 'tis very much appreciated!
So–from my perspective at least–what are the effects of having an aircraft model present for scanning but not identified?

Identified just means vPilot can use it for automatic model matching. If it’s not identified, it won’t be used automatically. It can still be used through a VMR file.