vPilot-Model Matching-Advanced - a question about the UI

I’m using vPilot 3.4.8 and after having replaced AIG with FSLTL, I went in under the vPilot settings to make sure everything looks good in there.

Where I’m not fully sure what it should look like is under the Model Matching-Advanced tab. When I was using the AIG models, vPilot told me it found like 7.300 models and identified around 6.500. Now when I got rid of AIG (I do have a copy…) and instead using FSLTL, vPilot tells me it finds about 2.600 models where only 56 are identified.

That doesn’t look very promising but maybe I’m missing something here? Looking in my MSFS Community folder, I have the FSLTL folder called fsltl-traffic-base. This folder was automatically created during the installation of FSLTL. In vPilot, I have added the custom rule file also automatically created during the installation of FSLTL.

Another thing I noticed and hence the topic, looking in vPilot under Settings-Model Matching-Advanced, when selecting/deselecting at top level, shouldn’t that automatically select/deselect all items underneath? That doesn’t happen as seen in the screenshot below. Where I have the top item in the list selected and yet, I’m able to deselect individual items underneath.

Identified just means vPilot was able to extract the aircraft type code and (optionally) airline code from the aircraft.cfg file for the model. When it is able to identify a model, vPilot can automatically use it for model matching, without the need for a VMR file rule for that model. The fact that very few of the FSLTL models are identified means that the authors did not put proper ICAO type codes or airline codes in the aircraft.cfg file, and thus you must use a VMR file in order to use those models for model matching.

Regarding the checkboxes, it is supposed to work the way you describe, and it has for many years, but I think something broke with Windows 11. Are you on Windows 11? Your window appears to have rounded corners, so I assume so.

Ah, many thanks Ross. That makes perfect sense about found vs identified. Should have thought of that myself…

You’re correct I’m on Windows 11. So with the checkboxes not working as they should under Windows 11, does this mean I need to manually expand every single model to make sure nothing under is still checked? Even when the box above is unchecked.

Here’s an example for the PMDG what it looks like right now:

As you can see, both PMDG house liveries for the 737-800 are still checked. Even when the “parent” box isn’t.

For the PMDG, it’s not a big deal to expand all and make sure no models are ticked. For the Asobo models though, it will be more time-consuming. Since there are a lot of Asobo models on the list.

Until I have a chance to fix it, I guess so. You can also manually edit your ModelScanResult-Msfs.xml file if you want. Or, you can delete that file and vPilot will regenerate it with all models checked.

Got it, thanks.

Now I already went through all the models making sure I only have the FSLTL models ticked.

I also left the Asobo model I’m using as the default model ticked. I guess it won’t work if you pick a default model which isn’t enabled on the advanced page?

Edited to add, maybe I spoke too soon. This however is something you can confirm Ross and how vPilot actually is working in this regard and how it’s reading what’s in the ModelScanResult-Msfs.xml file.

What I saw now doing some further testing is how manually deselecting any “children” will in fact add these as well to ModelScanResult-Msfs.xml with a ModelScanResultModel Title tag vs for a parent, the tag will be ModelScanResultSubfolder RelativePath.

So, as long as vPilot won’t pick any models located under a ModelScanResultSubfolder RelativePath tag which also has the IsExcluded=“true”, I suppose all is good. Even when each child isn’t individually excluded using the ModelScanResultModel Title tag.

I can now add some further details here after doing some additional testing. Maybe useful for your if/when you have a chance to look into this issue for Windows 11.

What I learned is how deselecting a “parent” will in fact also deselect the items beneath. Only this isn’t reflected in the UI. Where you still see checkmarks for the “children” under a deselected “parent”. I’ve verified this by looking in ModelScanResult-Msfs.xml.

What you do see though also in the UI is how the “children” will turn grey looking at the labels. Even when the checkmarks for these are still present.

So to summarize, you don’t need to manually deselect every item on the list. Only the “parent”. You can then confirm also the “children” have been deselected by looking at the color of the label. To make sure it’s grey rather than black.

No, the default model will be used regardless of whether or not it’s enabled. The enabled/disabled state only determines if a model will be used by automatic model matching.

Good to know, thanks!

I’ve been following this thread as I have unchecked all parents which are not AIG or FSLTL but I still occasionally get an Asobo model popping in, anyone else have this? Thanks

vPilot still has some hardcoded rules that use default aircraft.

Seems an odd rule to pick the Asobo A320 for a MD82 instead of say one of the generic twins which I assume are much lower system load?

But thanks, I’ll try to write some of my own rules as and when I spot these to pick AI models instead now I know the issue!

If you’re referring to ITT8801 in your screenshot, it used one of the “Airbus A320 Neo Asobo AirTraffic” models. The AirTraffic part means it’s a low-poly count model used for representing air traffic, it’s not one of the flyable models.

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