VPilot - Missing display of frequencies

Hello to all of you and thank you to read my first question. Perhaps this question has already been asked, I apologise if this is the case because I cannot find it back. I’m surprised to see that the frequencies displayed in VPilot don’t correspond to the frequencies given by the controllers as they move from one control to another (approach >> tower >> ground). Today April 27th, at EDDB it was very obvious. I had to ask several times to repeat what I was told, because I couldn’t find the frequency in the list displayed. For ex., I saw 121.705 and 121.855 for Ground at EDDB and I receive 129.505 from the tower, which was not displayed on VPilot. What can I do about this?

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Listen to what the controller tells you to tune and just tune that frequency. Don’t even look at the frequency list to crosscheck. Pilots don’t have such a list IRL.

While Lars is correct, and that is by far the most practical response should you find yourself in this situation real-time, you could also reach out to the facility leadership (via controller feedback), afterward, to inquire about the situation and what may have led to the confusion. On the surface, though I don’t have all the facts, it does seem like it could be a possible violation of the ATC Frequency and Information Management policy (sections 5.2 in general and specifically). Providing feedback to the facility could help identify an unintended lapse in understanding and prevent similar issues in the future.

Thank you both for these responses. I don’t completely agree with what Lars says. Pilots have access to Jeppesen charts (paper or digital) in the cockpit on which the frequencies are printed. These indications are correct and correspond to what the controllers say. In the case of my question, this is not the case. On Vatsim’s Facebook page, other members confirm having noticed the same thing. But, the controllers in Berlin were very patient and repeated the frequencies missing from the list kindly like all the Vatsim controllers

that’s a can of worms waiting to be opened. It’s not a lapse, won’t change until they are forced to

This is a bit frustrating for us that does not have the .833 freq on the panel , but use the freq. list of vpilot to select thoose

Henning, you may also type the following to tune your radio if your panel doesn’t support 8.33kHz frequencies.

.com1 XXX.XXX or .com2 XXX.XXX

I know that, but whwn in a busy approach with several changes this is not an easy way to do it.
Try that f.inst. into LSZH an busy evening: Hopeless, it takes to long time. There the solution with the use of marking freq. and hit enter is a must