Vpilot - mic readability is bad

I am on vpilot version 3.4.8 and am using MSFS on Windows 11 64-bit.

I receive audio fine while connected to VATSIM.
The problem is that I come through broken for other people on the network.

The audio settings panel is correctly configured for my input and output devices.
When speaking into the mic, the volume is in the green band on the indicator.
I have tried using sample rates of both 44.1 kHz and 48 kHz on my audio interface.
The quality of the mic is good when recording a sample through Audacity.

Below is an example recorded by a controller friend of mine, where i speak “one two one two” over the freq:

I have reinstalled vPilot multiple times. Tried running as admin.

Any tips?

Still have the issue after reinstalling Windows. Also experienced this in 3.4.9 and still experiencing it in version 3.4.10. Seriously? Every other software for audio works absolutely fine… Using MOTU M2 external USB audio interface.