vPilot keeps crashing

I use vPilot for MSFS (version 3.8.1). The problem is that after the latest MSFS Update my vPilot keeps crashing midair without giving me any crash report. I normally use the Fenix A320 (version with FS Realistic, FS2Crew and GSX. I even reinstalled vPilot and the sim, but the problem is still there.
So if anyone of you guys could help me this would be epic :slight_smile:

Any clues from Event Viewer?

It says โ€œA problem caused this program to stop interacting with Windows.โ€
|Application Name:|vPilot.exe|
|Application Version:||
|Application Timestamp:|65e159ad|
|Hang Signature:|af1a|
|Hang Type:|134217728|
|Additional Hang Signature 1:|af1aaf665e6133b48f71dbcfb016a2da|
|Additional Hang Signature 2:|e6fc|
|Additional Hang Signature 3:|e6fcbc6017db37ef7c4bc941118bbad3|
|Additional Hang Signature 4:|af1a|
|Additional Hang Signature 5:|af1aaf665e6133b48f71dbcfb016a2da|
|Additional Hang Signature 6:|e6fc|
|Additional Hang Signature 7:|e6fcbc6017db37ef7c4bc941118bbad3|โ€
This is everything the Windows report says about the problem, just copy pasted it