vPilot isnt working as it should

hey, i downloaded vPilot yesterday and tried to communicate with it. It worked pretty well but the atc told me that he would not see me on his radar. On Volanta i could be seen but he said on vPilot im not visible can somebody help me?

Thank you guys

This sounds like a similar issue that has been reported by a few pilots where the aircraft is reporting an altitude of zero. This might make you appear below the ATC’s radar coverage. What aircraft were you using?

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Hi, first of all thank you. I used a Cessna 172 the normal edition. But i used this program for the first time maybe i didnt downlaoded it right. But for an example on volanta you could see me

If you were able to see the controller in the controller list in vPilot, then you were properly connected.

Did Volanta show your altitude properly?

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Don’t think that’s the case @887155.
@1689733 , looks like you were connected as an Observer, looking at your past connections on stats.vatsim.net.
When you click on connect on vPilot, on the popup window asking for your callsign, there’s a checkbox. If you leave it checked, you connect as an observer, and not as a pilot.
ATC can’t see observers on their radar

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When im on the ground my „green altitude line“ ist a bit high above the ground, but otherwise when im flying it worked perfectly (on Volanta)

When im home ill try it thank you

If Volanta showed him as a pilot, he was not connected as an observer. Observer connections are ATC connections.

Edit: I was thinking Volanta reads the VATSIM data feed … but if it’s reading info directly from your sim, then yes, you were probably connected as an observer.

Volanta has it’s own “Network”, showing other Volanta pilots (as well as Vatsim datafeed)
You can filter the “Network” you want to display on the map

Yessss it worked thank u guys so much

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I was an observer haha