vPilot is not identifying any models...Can't open vPilot

vPilot is not identifying any models after a scan so I can’t log on. I’ve tried everything I can think of. Any help would be great !

Model identification doesn’t have anything to do with being able to log on.

I forgot my password and asked for a reset on VATSIM. After 24 hours I tried to log into vPilot and got a message saying that my password was unknown (or something to that effect). I uninstalled and reinstalled vPilot and kept getting the message about not recognising the default model. Therefore I could not advance the new log in process and was shut out from logging in. Since then I can now log in but still none of the models are recognised. I’m happy to be able to use vPilot again and will sort out the model matching as I go. I really appreciate your prompt and polite reply.

I am now logged in but can not add any model matching custom rule set due to the same issue with “the specified default model was not recognised during the last scan…”

So you need to put in a different model title. Or, figure out why the current default model was not found in the scan. I’ve had a few other users report the same issue, and it was usually caused by some third-party add-on. You could try temporarily moving add-ons out of your Community folder to see if one of them is causing the issue.

Note that a model only needs to be “identified” for vPilot to use it for automatic model matching. A model does NOT need to be identified in order for you to use it for model matching via a VMR file.

. I have just disabled all addons and the issue went away and I can import my .vmr files. So this must be the problem for me too. I have always found vPilot rock solid on performance. Thanks for your reply.

Ahh, good. You could try reinstalling add-ons one at a time until it it breaks again, to see which one is causing it. If you do find out which add-on is the culprit, please let me know. Might be useful for other users with the same issue.

I’ll let you know if I pin anything down. Thanks for your great assistance.

same issue here:
at roughly 1tb of community folder addons this is going to be frustrating…

I have pinned down the issue…I think ! All Classic C172 addon liveries cause this problem for me (not the floater). I will investigate further but perhaps you could try to replicate this for me ? Thanks UPDATE: I have found an older C172 Classic livery that DOES work so this means, I presume, that it is not an issue with vPilot but rather with these addon liveries. FINAL UPDATE: Some addon Classic C172 liveries cause the problem and some don’t…

Since the last update there are no issues with any Asobo C172 Classic version.

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