Vpilot installation requiring NETframework 4.7.2

Hi guys

I have an issue blocking vpilot installation.
I searched in old forum threads without success.
When trying to install vpilot, my system tells me I have to install .NETframework 4.7.2 first.

When i try to install it, it says the 4.7.2 is not supported by my operative system, and installation stops

I have a Windows 10 64bit, with 8GB RAM, P3D v3, quite new ASUS laptop: any help you can give me?

Thank you


What version of Windows 10 do you have? .NET 4.7.2 has been included since the April 2018 update.

Hello Ross,

Thanks for the feedback.
It’s a laptop with windows10 2015, 64 bit
Intel Core i7 6700 2.6 Ghz , 8 GB RAM.

Any chance to update to the 4.7.2 or is the whole HW configuration too old and incompatible?

Hopefully I don’t have to buy a new laptop for connecting to Vpilot.


Looks like that version of Windows 10 is too old. Aren’t you able to update Windows?

Hi Ross

You were right: a Windows update solved the issue and I have successfully installed vpilot.

Thank you very much for the hint, it saved my day.

Greeting from Germany