VPilot - I can't hear anything

I recently just got X-Plane 11 and I’m loving it. But when it comes to flight-simming, I take it very seriously. I got X-Pilot for X-Plane 11 and booted it up. I noticed when I istalled it, there was a plugin installed directly into the sim. I thought that was pretty cool. I went to configure the client to my likings. I set the PTT key, downloaded CSL files (which was a pain in the ass,) and set the microphone input to my main mic. But when I went to set my headset device, I noticed 2 options that literally meant the same thing, “Headphone Input” and “Speaker Input” I didn’t know what to set these to, so I decided to set them both to my headset, and connected to the network. I tuned to the ground frequency and heard nothing. “Strange” I thought, I decided to call a radio check and… nothing. I did it again, and nothing. I checked my radios again. They were good. So I spent hours trying to troubleshoot but that did nothing. Does anyone know a fix to this issue?

I’ll caveat by saying I don’t use XPlane, thus I don’t use xPilot, but a couple of things:

  1. You may choose to use only one device, headset or speaker, but most users appreciate the choice to use either a headset or a computer speaker. One example of the benefit is you need to run to the next room to use the bathroom, but don’t want to miss anything, you could select your computer speaker instead of your headset.

  2. I don’t know if xPilot has a troubleshooting guide that covers your issue, but I know vPilot does. Search for the vPilot Tips, Tricks, FAQ and Troubleshooting Guide. The two clients are “close cousins” and you may find good advice there.

I’ve tried both of your solution and that did nothing. Is there anyone you know that can help me?

Do I personally know anyone? Probably one person, the developer :slight_smile: But there are a few thousand xPilot users on here that could likely help, too. But my best suggestion would be to ask for help in the xPilot Discord: https://docs.xpilot-project.org Good luck!