vPilot flight planning form no longer available

In v. 3.8 vPilot flight planning form is no longer available. For me, a real world VFR pilot, who prepares flights plan in SkyDemon, this is very inconvenient as I can’t export the flight plan from SkyDemon in ICAO text format and I must enter the entire flight plan on the VATSIM form manually.
The pre 3.8 version of vPilot, allowed using the internal form on which most of aircraft data was prefilled. On the VATSIM form I must enter the entire flight plan from scratch.
Is there any way to:

  • export-import flight plan between SkyDemon and VATSIM form?
  • save some data of the aircraft on the VATSIM form for the future use?
  • download pre 3.8 version of vPilot to be still able to use the built-in filght plan form?

Go to the website and download the old version…. It may work to do that

Where are the older versions available for download?

Do not download an old version. Old versions will soon be prevented from connecting to the network.

I managed to restore v 3.7 from backup and I will use it as long as the flight plans sent from vPilot will be accepted.
I can only hope that before vPilot-based plans will stop being accepted the current rudimentary functionality of the web form will be indeed improved (reduction of the numbers of required fields, and most important - aircraft profiles). For a VFR pilot filling all the fields in the form manually over and over again, it’s definitely not convenient.

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We have some improvements going through testing right now that will allow for saving flight plans in myVATSIM for reuse later, plus clarification on what fields are actually required.
We’re hoping to have this released to everyone soon.


I am also not happy with the new ‘feature’.
When I click on Flight Plan and log in to myVatsim the prefiled FLP is not displayed. I prefile my FLPs with SimBrief and they are always recognized by VATSIM ATC and Apps such as SimAware.

Is this a bug?
Regards Ulrich

It’d be nice with a bare minimums version for VFR plans, i.e. no more than what used to be in the client FP dialogues, maybe less. Maybe make it impossible to file IFR in that format to help avoid confusion, or something along those lines.