Vpilot Filing flight not working

Every since update 3.81 when I try to file my flight plan on Vatsim.net it says a flight plan was found, but belongs to someone else and nobody else has that callsign I have tried many different ones too. How do you fix this?

What callsign were you logged in as?

Ive tried multiple for example SWA1015, DAL361, UPS785 ETC

I see no connections recorded under your CID

Do you mean as ir recently or just ever. I connected about a week ago- 2 weeks ago

I’m afraid it looks like you may have incriminated yourself! :crazy_face:

Try when logged in from your primary account, not the duplicate account it appears you have created, and are posting here from.

If you have any questions, refer to the email you received yesterday that explained your account situation…

Oh, and, one more piece of advice. Heed very carefully the direction you have now been provided at least 29 times (I’m not exaggerating – five times during the registration process for each of your accounts, plus one additional time for each of the four suspensions) to not create additional accounts. You’re pretty much right on the line right now whether you’ll ever be allowed to participate in this community. I’d suggest you pull back from that line, right now, by doing the right thing…