vPilot Feature request

Hi guys,

In vPilot it would come in very handy if double clicking a controller in the Controller in Range list would also tune its frequency to COM1. Or maybe make that an option in the dropdown list when right clicking?


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Hi Hans,

Double-click in the controller list already has a function, it requests the controller’s ATIS info. Adding this to the right click menu is an option.

However, note that if you click on a controller and press Enter, it will tune their frequency. I added this a while back for a blind pilot who interacts with vPilot entirely with the keyboard and a screen reader.


Ah, thnx for your swift reply! I will try the <> option.

Reason for asking is that in NL we’re moving to 8,33kHz frequency spacing. I’m running a home cockpit that doesn’t support that, so switching via vPilot will be mandatory for now. Instead of the .com command mouseclicking would be faster and less of an immersion killer.

Is it an idea to let single left clicking request the info of the controller and double left clicking tune the freq to com1? For the home cockpit pilots needing to get mouse and keyboard out to change a frequency is far from ideal as you might understand.

I don’t think a single click should request ATIS, no. That would be very counter-intuitive for most users, since in most GUI systems, single-clicking anything that is not a button rarely takes an action … usually it’s just to select/deselect it. Also, single click should not trigger an action if double click also triggers a separate action. For that to work, I would have to set a timer that waits a short time before requesting the ATIS, to give the user time to click again and trigger the double-click action.

Adding it to the right click dropdown menu is likely the best option for people that don’t want to use the keyboard. You’ll still have to dig out the mouse, of course. (I do indeed understand the issue, I have a home cockpit myself.)

I get your point about the single-click intuitivity.
How about double clicking the mouse controll wheel? Or would this give other problems? (I’m not a coding-dude, so I’m just brainstorming here… :wink: )

It would be great anyway if the right click menu option could be implemented Ross, thanks for your efforts and quick response!!


In my opinion, double clicking the scroll wheel can be very awkward … on some mice, the wheel easily moves a little bit when you click it, so you could inadvertently scroll the controller list a bit in between clicks. A single scroll wheel click (middle click) might be acceptable, but even that can be fiddly. I think adding to the right click menu is the way to go.

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Awesome! Thanks Ross!!

Hi Hans

Also take a look at VSR, it’s primary function is to list stations and allow single click frequency changes


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Hans, do you run MSFS in your cockpit, or P3D/FSX? I’m curious because I would like to switch my cockpit to MSFS, but I haven’t seen much information about running a multi-screen system on MSFS.

Hi Ross, same here.

I’m still running P3D v4.5 and the PMDG. I’ve tried MSFS about three weeks ago. But there’s problems with the views (home cockpit mode is still doing nothing). Also the pop-out instrument windows have a white border at the top which looks hideous especially in a night environment and the displays are very faint. Then, also, there’s all sorts of driver issues (either not availbale or bottlenecked by the SDK, like the CPFlight drivers).

The most practical (but also most expensive) move for me would be to move everything over to ProSim for P3D v6. A friend of mine runs his home cockpit (ProSim A320) on MSFS but is running into problems every time Asobo pushes an update (even the small fixes), which then requires driver updates for his hardware which sometimes last two weeks to be released, leaving his cockpit unusable in the meantime.

So, to answer your question, multi-screen issues are least of our worries I’m afraid…

Thanks for the info … I’ll keep on waiting I guess. :smiley:

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If you activate Developer Mode in MSFS there is multiscreen facility. Not tried it myself as my GPU just isn’t up to it.