vPilot Feature Request: Independent COM sound devices

I am writing to request a revised feature for controlling audio COM1/COM2 separately.

Currently, vPilot mixes all audio to a single output device. This means that there is no way to control the volumes of COM1 and COM2 separately. I believe that allowing the option to select different output devices per each radio would be a fundamental improvement to vPilot. This would allow any other app in the pipeline to control audio from there, before it is mixed with the other channels.

I believe that simply providing the raw audio output for each radio would be sufficient and this should still match the core vPilot functionality. Any complex integrations with other APIs, controls, etc are endless and are really beyond the core. Having a raw audio stream would allow other apps to control the audio in any way they see fit and would allow users to create more realistic audio setups and controls.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


@887155 in case missed , is it feasible to add the separate sound card mapping as mentioned above? thank you

The AFV audio library doesn’t support this, so it’s not currently feasible.

Thanks for the reply. So mixing is done on the server side? or is it AFV being a “closed” library implementation that outputs a single output stream to vPilot? trying to understand the implementation to explore feasible options as a workaround… and a long-time developer here, so I would be more than happy to know the technical details.

vPilot doesn’t get involved in the output stream at all. The client library handles the flow of voice data coming in from the network and it pipes the audio to the selected output device. It currently only supports a single output device, not one per radio.

Got it , thanks. So it will be awaiting for the future evolvement of the AFV library and the relevant infrastructure then, thanks again.

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