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With the CTAF frequency testing in the US starting in a few days, how difficult/arduous would it be to implement a new command to vpilot along the lines of “.ctaf KXXX” that would then output the CTAF frequency from the VATSIM AIP?


This is already being discussed, not just for vPilot, but for all pilot clients.

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can you point me to the discussion? Thanks


No, it has so far only been in Discord DMs.

thanks, I wrote some logic for this over the weekend, it had a good hit rate for smaller airports, and the medium sized one with a single tower freq. The situation to have multiple tower freqs at a larger a/p might possibly be an issue, in the real world approach likely hands you off to the correct tower freq, of course thats not an option here. I’m sure it will get sorted

Hence why I’d appreciate an API call to save me the need to build my own… :slight_smile:

You mentioned API call here, but the OP was asking about a dot command. If you need an API call for a project you’re working on, then your best bet would be to contact the VATSIM tech team to see if that exists or is planned. It will need to exist in order for the dot command to work, of course (unless the CTAF freq lookup happened over the FSD connection, but I doubt that’ll be the case) but it may exist already. I know they are already in the process of tagging which frequency is the CTAF frequency in the VATSIM AIP data.

I am working on an API for that on myVATSIM, it should be up on the next couple of days.
Marking a station as CTAF was already implemented on the AIP side, so we’re just adding a public API endpoint for the information

The .ctaf command has been added in vPilot 3.8.


great thanks, will that be an open API available without authentication?

@887155 is the .ctaf command available to a plugin?



ignore my post I can work with this feed as it has CTAF fields




That’s right, you would just use the same API that vPilot uses, directly.

Yes, docs are on AIP API | VATSIM.dev

thank you - I’ve got the API integrated into VSR, now looking at best way to access the data

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Looks great! I’d recommend not showing the x in the Ctaf column to make the checkmark easier to spot.

thanks , I’ll change it - I’ve rationalised it a bit to just show the CTAF freq at the bottom, as some airports have stations online (such as GND, ATIS) but you also need CTAF - so its easier to show just the CTAF. it also gets confusing showing non-active, non-ctaf stations

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Even better!

Marcelo, Ross

thanks for you help on this; I’m just about to put out a version for testing that uses the API and displays the CTAF info.



Excellent … I’m sure this will be a welcome update for VSR users.

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