vPilot Crashing FSX

Hey everyone. Was just doing a JAX to DTW flight when FSX crashed on me. Rebooted the computer, restarted FSX and logged back onto vPilot and the second I connected, FSX froze and crashed again. Restarted FSX but did not restart vPilot and everything worked fine, but the second I tried to start vPilot again, FSX froze and crashed. Seems vPilot is the cause but unsure why.

I did uninstall vPilot and reinstall the program. FSX still crashed upon vPilot startup.

Is anyone else having this happen to them today or anything?


This issue is still happening. Anyone have an idea as to why? This is ONLY happening when vPilot is running.

Haven’t heard of this happening to anyone else, and believe it or not we still have almost a couple hundred people still using FSX. Are there any error messages? Can you get information from the event viewer? Do you have other addons running at the same time? I’m just tossing out a few things I can think of to check.

Hey Don, I think I might have figured out the issue. The error I am getting is a sim1.dll fault. I have a similar thread on AVSim and someone mentioned it has to do with a faulty AI texture. I deleted some recent AI that I downloaded and will see if that was the issue.

What I am thinking is vPilot triggered the crash when a faulty textured AI was close by my aircraft when on the VATSIM network. Restarting FSX caused no problems and since I respawned the flight in the vicinity of where FSX crashed and restarted vPilot, it injected the faulty AI back in my airspace and made FSX crash again.

That’s my running theory, I’ll do some more flying and see if I continue to have issues.


It’s a good theory. It’s been many years since I’ve seen the sim1.dll error reported, but IIRC it was due to bad AI and/or bad scenery textures. Can you try again running in .debug mode and see if there’s any hint as to what aircraft is causing the issue (I don’t know if that will work, but it can’t hurt to try).

Figured out the issue. It was my Project Airbus A321 causing the issue. Have since deleted it and will have to find an alternate A321 to fly in a Delta livery. Real shame because my “Thank You” livery was a gorgeous bird to fly. Too bad it caused all the crashing.

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