vPilot conflict with VR Reverb G2 (WMR)?

Hello to all:

Since SU12 of MSFS, I have been recieving a blue box with a “Your IP is:…” message on my Reverb G2 headset when joining the VATSIM network. I can remove this box, by leaving VR to 2D and returning to VR, but a few minutes later, the blue box returns. At times, for a very brief moment, I see a small box with the text: “What is my IP?” before the blue box appears.

I did not have this issue in the past, while flying MSFS in VR.

Unfortunately, it appears that my connection to VATSIM, might be my issue.

To properly check, today I started and prepared a flight with a PMDG B737-800. A moment after I started vPilot to connect to the VATSIM network, the blue message appeared in my headset (it does not appear if I remain in 2D on my monitor).

To check my suspicion, I remained in the flight. I only disconnected vPilot and, I had no problems for the remaining 45 minutes of the flight.

So now, I am searching for any vPilot/Reverb G2/WMR conflicts. This happened since SU12 last week. I am updated to vPilot 3.5.2.

My system is:
Windows 10
Processor Intel Core i-9 10900
MB: MPG Z490
GPU: nVidia GeForce RTX 3080TI
VR Headset: HP Reverb G2

MSFS bought from Microsoft store (not Steam)

Thank you and regards,