vPilot Causing Lagging in Prepar3d v5.4

Not sure if this is a vPilot issue or not but… I livestream most of my VATSIM flights to my YouTube channel. No issues with streaming or the OBS software, no frames are dropping and I am have a very good up/download through my internet.

During the FNOklahoma event this evening, I had to disconnect from vPilot shortly after connecting to OKC Approach because the ATC was skipping, freezing and really lagging during my decent and approach phase of flight. There was quite a bit of event traffic in the area.

Is this a normal thing with the VATSIM network and has anyone had anything similar happen to them in the past?

System specs below but I know they are more than capable to handing streaming to YouTube. Thanks for any help or suggestions!

Intel Core i7 12th Gen 12700KF 2.7GHz Processor
Microsoft Windows 11 Pro
32GB DDR4-3200 RAM
1TB Solid State Drive
10/100/1000 Network
802.11ax Wireless
Bluetooth 5.1
AIO Liquid ML 240L RGB Cooler

Not at all normal, but unfortunately I can’t help.