VPilot cannot accept that FSX exists

Hey there. I just downloaded VPilot for the first time, and I’m having trouble with settings for it. I have found out that while it says it “connects” to FSX, the model-matching setting is still looking for MSFS models. You can’t disable this setting, and it doesn’t seem to work with FSX planes. You can’t connect to the network with this, so it’s a big showstopper for me. Here’s some photos:

Any help is appreciated. I’m sure I’m missing something obvious.

Most likely, your FSX installation isn’t “complete” … in order for vPilot to recognize that you have FSX installed, it must be able to locate the registry entry, and that registry entry points to the install folder, and vPilot must find the FSX.exe file in that folder. My guess is that one or both of those things is missing or incorrect.

How would I go about fixing that? Also, how does it connect to FSX if it can’t find the game itself?

Reinstalling or “repairing” the FSX install should fix it.

It can connect to the sim because when the sim is running, it creates a SimConnect server, which vPilot can connect to.