vPilot API: HTTP server for getting traffic and controller info

Have asked this a couple years ago and is still hoping for this…

I would like to make a map with real-time VATSIM traffic and online controllers in a browser on another computer than my flight sim. I can’t use VATSIM’s API because it’s only updated every 2 mins and I would like to have it every couple of seconds. Therefore, since vPilot already have the information there is no need to bother VATSIM servers, and I thought it would be really neat if vPilot could have a little simple HTTP server (or WebSocket) built in, from which anyone with a bit of web programming knowledge (or using ChatGPT :wink: ) could easily pull out information like traffic and controller info and build their own little creative apps. Could that be a possibility?

Or is there some other way I could get traffic data? At the moment I only know high-level programming (web technologies).

It might be possible with a vPilot plugin.

I do question the need for a map updated every couple seconds, but if you look at the documentation for the datafeed, it says that the update happens every 15 seconds (not 2 mins) Get live network data | VATSIM.dev

Oh, didn’t realize they have reduced the interval to 15 secs - guess that could work… but it’s a lot of data having to pull every 15 secs…!

I would like to also make a web interface for changing the com1 and com2 frequencies in vpilot though… so a REST API could still come in handy…

we built somthing like this for the VR community (and others) in VSR a year or two back, it uses the API for vatsim and controller info and a custom built plug-in for vPilot for messaging via a socket interface. Works great and you can change the polling interval to pull the feed (although the feed itself has a lag). works either as a flightsim toolbar app or in a standalone browser.

Its realtive easy to build you own plug-in for vPilot too, the key issue is that you need to be connected to the network via vPilot to get information (so if your connection goes down you go dark). Whilst the API is at least available when you aren’t on the network.

Take a look at VSr (vsrsoftware.com) for some ideas


a web interface for changing the com1 and com2 frequencies in vpilot though

I put an HTTP server around some Simconnect calls to change frequencies; the the user is able do things like set standby frequencies, swap active/standby etc. via a web interface