VPilot and TCA Boeing Yoke Issues


So my issue is that when I open VPilot it disables my Boeing Yoke completely.

I have tired updates… Changing the PTT… Turning off and on any setting with in VPilot… It shows as recognized by both MSFS and the computer itself.

The only way to get the Yoke to start working again is by closing VPilot.

I am also flying the PMDG 737-700 if that applies.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I don’t know how vPilot could disable a yoke. It reads from it if you use it for your PTT, but it does not prevent other apps from using the device. (If it did, nobody could use a joystick/yoke button for PTT.)

Does it make any difference if you do or do not run vPilot as admin?

I agree VPilot shouldn’t be interfering based off logic but it definitely is but to answer your other question I have tried both ways with and without admin and get the same results.

Also to clarify my PTT is not on the yoke and never has been and it also won’t allow me to even change it to the yoke.

Thanks for your response btw! Any ideas help at this point.