vPilot 3.8.1 not Connecting to the Network

Have been running vPilot in a Host/Remote configuration for a long time. Today vPilot/Host will not connect to the network. It connects fine to MSFS and to vPilot/Remote. I looked in Settings | Network for another VATSIM Server but the only option in the dropdown is “AUTOMATIC” so nothing I can do there. I reinstalled vPilot but same problem. My internet connection is fine (can connect to all sorts of sites without a problem) and MSFS is running online without problems.

How do I address this issue ? Thanks.

It would be helpful to include the error you are getting.

I would have included it if there was an error code/message but there isn’t, nothing that I noticed. On top the value for “Connected to Network” is a red “No”. It’s a green “Yes” for the connected to simulator and connected to remote. The “Disconnected from voice server” messages in vPilot/Remote is how I realized network connectivity was lost and I was unable to restore.

Was there a “Disconnected from network” message?

I believe there was in vPilot/Remote in red font but I am not 100% certain. I should have taken a snapshot but I was in the middle of a flight and was distracted.

I can all but guarantee that there was an error message of some kind. It would be helpful to know what it was. If it happens again, be sure to get a screenshot. (Don’t just try to remember what it said when you type up your forum post … the details matter … get a screenshot.)

I have exactly the same problem, I don’t write any errors

I have the same problem today. Open the app, it connects to the sim but when I click connect, nothing. No error messages. Just a blank response every time I click connect. In a probably related note, VATspy is stuck on ‘checking for data updates’ so I wonder if there is a network problem somewhere? Every other app in windows connects and receives data but these two.

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If vPilot/Host fails to connect to the network despite a stable internet connection and successful connections to MSFS and vPilot/Remote, review firewall settings, router configurations, and ensure vPilot has appropriate network permissions.