Vpilot 3.7.0 Unhandled Exception message

vpilot 3.7.0 has suddenly started giving me the Unhandled Exception message, having worked fine for years. The dialogue box will not respond and has to be shut down using Task Manager. Re-booting the PC and re-loading vPilot has no effect. Using P3Dv5 and Traffic Global for models.

Have found ref to Troubleshooting and need to enable mic in W10 settings - solved.

I still get this message even after allowing permission in the W11 security settings. Any ideas?

Hi Michael
Make sure you have selected the right version on each PC ie vpilot or vPilot host mode with voice and vPilot remote mode with voice etc. Depends if you are using a network.

Also, look here: vPilot Tips, Tricks, FAQ and Troubleshooting Guide - vPilot - VATSIM Community
This is the archived vPilot Troubleshooting Guide.