Virtual US Airways Starts Operations

Hello Everybody,

10 years ago US Airways was merged with American Airlines, that merger saw the trademark US Airways blue and white livery replaced with the American stripe and then the American Eagle we see today. Soon thereafter on VATSIM the “Cactus” callsign was heard less and less and replaced with the “American” Callsign. Well my aim is to change that.

Virtual US Airways is a virtual airline that aims to bring back the iconic callsign “Cactus” and fly the blue and white once again. Our schedule and routes are based on the last timetable published but there’s a catch, we are adding our own changes. By establishing VUSAIR we are taking a page from the past and bookmarking it but also rewriting the virtual future by embracing different possibilities.

VUSAIR uses the cloud based LRM “Landing Rate Monitor” ACARS tracking software, integrated with FSHub allowing for easy and simple flight scheduling. We currently have 1 hub at Philadelphia International serving over 100 destinations domestic and international. Along with Philadelphia we have two focus cities, Fort Lauderdale and Laguardia - New York. You can fly short distance, medium hauls or long hauls, you can fly the published city pairs or fly your own. All that matters is that the “Flag flies again”

Meet age requirements of VATSIM
Fly any scheduled route or city pair in US Airways colors

That’s it!! Normally other stringent requirements turn flying for a VA into a hassle and we don’t want that to be the case. We want you to have a casual friendly environment flying, getting to know others with a passion of flying and learning as well.

So check us out if you’re interested and join us carrying the flag.


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