Virtual Cargo International | A virtual cargo company


Dear flightsim enthusiasts, a new “Virtual Airline” was founded on January 1st, 2018, named for now as Virtual Cargo International.

Welcome to Virtual Cargo International. We are a professional, modern and solid Virtual Company for your next Flight. Our Virtual Company is a free, non profit, non commercial organisation, which aims to simulate the flights and operations of real airlines using Flight Simulation Software. Based on many real world airlines, real world schedules, equipment and routes you can fly for.

Professionalism is the key that “distinguishes” this VA from the rest of the Virtual Airlines. Virtual Cargo International is not a simple Virtual Airline, we see us more as a Virtual Company that provides big services for a lot of airlines. We are a professional, modern and solid Virtual Company for your next flight who represent a large number of renowned airlines. Currently we have a contract with Lufthansa Cargo, Cargolux, FedEx, Aerologic, European Air Transport, AirBridge Cargo, Polar Air Cargo, Martinair, Atlas Air, UPS, Nippon Cargo, Cathay Pacific Cargo, Emirates Sky Cargo, ASL Airlines Belgium, Silk Way West, LATAM Cargo Airlines, Kalitta Air and ATRAN.

For our pilots only the best, we built a personal crew intranet called “iBase2Go”. With iBase2Go we provide a powerful and flexible Crew Center System to satisfy our pilots needs. It is packed with awesome and fresh features that you will love. If you love to fly cargo around the world, you will love to work with us! We have a big setup included, message system, tours, events, log books, charters, live metar service with charts, flight tracker, screenshot center and much more. We believe that running this Virtual Company with a sincere interest in putting quality first will allow a bright future. So do not wait and join today!

Already interested? :wink: Otherwise, please read a bit further :slight_smile:

Especially we are proud of one our features, our VIP freight air cargo system! There we have important jobs and priority cargo freights we need to deliver for our most important customers. That provides you as a pilot a wide and varied selection of cargo flights every 60 minutes.

We provide a unique pilot experience by bringing together a strong, friendly community, advanced software and realistic policies and procedures. Combined, we are able to strike a balance between realism and simulation that focuses on making things as realistic as possible while making concessions for simulator limitations. Our constant innovation is driven by quarterly pilot feedback surveys help steer the next round of features to address requests or pain points that pilots are experiencing. The result is an ever evolving system designed with one goal: improve the pilot experience.

We have a lot to offer from Trainee Center, VIP jobs, auto assignment system, a great training academy with type ratings and permanent courses. Additional we have leaderboards, financials, a beautiful flight tracking system, hub transfers or a Leave of absence corner. If this is not enough we would like to show you our screenshot database, the livery and download center as well as our statistic corner.

Finally I’ll give you a short overview about our divisions, besides our normal schedule system.

Executive Charter Division

Virtual Cargo International got a new membership with Star Alliance that allows us to charter specified aircrafts out of there fleet members. Now we are able to fly people such as, individuals, families, friends, executives, world leaders, VIPs, sports teams, tour groups, and others. We have intercontinental, international, and domestic charters around the globe.

Our Executive Charter Division is a special, expensive and breathtaking way to reach the skies. You as our pilot that flew many hours around the world with a lot of cargo behind your back are now able to book an executive charter. Feel free to check our executive flight schedules or request your completly personal flight!

Legacy Division

The history of aviation now flyable in our Legacy Flight Division. Now you have the opportunity to fly one of the historic cargo planes like the BAE146, DC-8, DC-10 or the beautiful B727 Freighter.The Wright brothers invented and flew the first airplane in 1903, recognized as “the first sustained and controlled heavier-than-air powered flight”.

They built on the works of George Cayley dating from 1799, when he set forth the concept of the modern airplane (and later built and flew models and successful passenger-carrying gliders).

Charter Division

We understand that from time to time some pilots may want a break from flying our scheduled flights. Virtual Cargo International proudly presents our new Charter Division which opens new opportunities for your next flight. Our Division does a lot to have 20 available limited contracts all the time that you can choose from. There is also the possibility to create a new interal and personal charter flight by yourself out of all our airlines and airports we provide.

Tour Division

We understand that from time to time some pilots may want a break from flying our scheduled return flights. We’ve created a series of tours for each aircraft class which will take you on a journey discovering different parts of the world in a variety of different aircrafts. Vacations are here, why wouldn’t we encourage you to pack your bags and explore? The wonder way, the exciting Way! The most advanced, sleek and exciting looking Tour center, is powered the greatest motive to ensure you explore every nook and corner of our beautiful country. Whats the point of flying international if you don’t fly everywhere? Now with over 30 different Tours.

Passion & Commitment

We share all the same hobby. When you find someone who is interested in the same thing that you are that’s sharing a common interest, be nice and make our passion even better. And with this words I will say thank you very much for reading this article and hope I’ll see you on our roster sometime.

If you have further questions, do not hesitate to ask us directly on discord: Discord

Best Regards

CEO - Thorsten Sass