Version of vpilot for FSX ACC sp2

Hello , Its been 2 days that I cant connect to vatsim at all.
Version 3.7.0 dont work
Version 2.1.17 cant connect system say ( Invalid client version ).
Completly lost here .
Thanks guys

When you say 3.7.0 “dont work” what do you mean?

I mean that 3.7.0 I Tried non stop to run it after I install it and it say : Error downloading SimConnect client library.

Usually that’s caused by something blocking vPilot from downloading the SimConnect library, usually anti-virus or firewall software.

Hello Ross Thank you for your time but I am very tired of it so I will no longer use my old computer and wait for my bran new one with MSFS 2020. No more patience lolol
have a wonderful day .