vatSys - Support for Hoppie’s CPDLC / ACARS and ADS-C

G’day team,

In the future, especially with vatSys Server being in development, will there be support or integration of Hoppies CPDLC / ACARS / ADS-C into vatSys? It would be really cool especially for controlling Oceanic (like Auckland Radio, Brisbane Radio etc.) and having ADS-C on some aircraft can eliminate the need for position reports.


I believe that Hoppie’s software is now somewhat out of date for integration into the forthcoming PMDG Global Flight Operations app as described by Robert Randazzo over 4 years ago. Unless things have altered significantly since then :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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A lot more aircraft use Hoppies ACARS. The question is not aircraft integration but rather vatSys integration (ATC client integration)

Hi Zain,
I agree :grinning:. We will also require pre-departure clearance, etc from ATC.

Last time I talked to Sawbe about this issue, he was waiting for Vatsim to standarize an ACARS implementation, either Hoppie or something homegrown. I suspect that remains the issue.