Vatspy windows 11 incompatibility

Anybody else facing issues with Vat-Spy on windows 11?
Ever since I installed Windows 11 I am facing issues with a few apps.
When I double click they will open down in the taskbar but they won’t pop up to see the main page of the app. Same happens if I run as admin. Disappointing.
Any ideas?

I have been running VAT-Spy in Windows 7 compatibility mode.
Go to: C:\Program Files (x86)\VATSpy
Right click your VAT-Spy exe → Properties → Compatibility → Check “Run this program in compatibility mode for:” and select Windows 7 in the dropdown menu.

This has worked for me.

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I’ve installed VATSpy on two different Windows 11 Pro computers I own, and have not had any issues running the application.

Did you perform an “upgrade” from Windows 10 which keeps your files and programs, or did you perform a completely clean Windows 11 install?

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I upgraded from windows 10 and faced this issue with other apps too.
I tried the compatibility mode for windows 7 and in the begining there was no change but now it works fine! Thank you !

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