VATSIM Virtual Airlines & Special Operations Survey

Dear members of the community,

The VATSIM Virtual Airlines department, in coordination with the Special Operations Administration department, is conducting a community survey regarding Virtual Airlines and Special Operations.

Please take a couple of minutes to answer the following questions that will help us improve.

This survey is anonymous, and the collected data will help us gather information and analytics to be used in improving the Virtual Airline department, and the benefits we provide to our Partner and Associate Virtual Airlines.

Visit the link to answer the survey: VATSIM Virtual Airlines & Special Operations survey


Seems weird to me that a survey is opened, and two days later changes are made to the Policy. Will the survey repossess over the last days be valid?


The changes to the policy are not related to the survey, they are more to ensure the safety of VATSIM Members seeking to join a Virtual Airline. These changes were in a work-in-progress status for some time. The new benefits were already implemented before the survey went out.

We are still happly accepting answers, so make sure to fill it out :wink:

Kind Regards,

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Will any results/an analysis of this survey be published or was it intended for internal use only?

I’ll let Antonio answer regarding what may be published from this, if it will be.

We had a large meeting going over each survey response and making notes to inform the direction of the department a few weeks ago.

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