VATSIM Vacancy - Virtual Airlines Public Relations Officer

Dear members of the community,

we have recently opened up applications for the VA Public Relations Officer position.
If you are interested, you may apply over at
(Requirements: S1 or above, 75+ hours on the network)

The VATSIM Virtual Airlines Department is looking for dedicated individuals who have the time and enthusiasm to give back to the network in this department.

We’re a small group dealing in a specialized field which aims to benefit VATSIM as a marketing tool, as well as giving back to the virtual airlines with a reciprocal link from our powerful domain name and a virtual airline database, with many more benefits. With over 200 virtual airlines already in partnership with VATSIM, this department, despite being small, is busy, and there is most often something which needs doing. Therefore, your commitment to help spread the workload is gratefully appreciated. This position is responsible for maintaining VA Department’s public image, collaborating and making contact with Virtual Airlines and Associates. Answers questions, and manages our public resources. This position reports to the Director of Virtual Airline Relations.

The Virtual Airlines Public Relations Officer’s responsibilities include:

1. Maintaining our forum section and responding/handling any complaints/requests/concerns/comments.
2. Sending out public announcements via discord, forum & email.
3. Obtaining feedback and commencing regular surveys among the VAs willing to participate.
4. Promoting VATSIM partnership offers and working on additional benefits for VAs.
5. Aiding VATGOV12 and the Director of Virtual Airlines with any special projects.