VATSIM Statistics Database

Recently the stats database doesn’t show filed flight plans. This issue started when xpilot users were required to use simbrief to file flight plans on the network. Most people wouldn’t even look at their stats page to verify this, however, our VA querries the vatsim database to verify that the flight was don’t online. When the stats page doesn’t show a flight plan filed, even though it was filed and shows on VATSPY, our website rejects the pirep in our ACARS system because we require all flights to be online. Today I am signed on to VATSIM as ASA100, and the stats page doesn’t even show me with that connection. I’m trying to make sense of this but I really need help to understand.

Just a note, simbrief is not required to submit a fpl… everyone can do it from the myvatsim webpage

Hopefully someone from Tech can weigh in regarding the flight plan issue and confirm/deny that, if I remember correctly, the stats page updates once a day (not sure what time) so connections would not appear until some time the next day.

I understand, maybe I described it wrong, because simbrief takes you to the myvatsim page to prefile the flight plan. but thanks for the response.

I don’t see any replies to this. Having the same issue. It says “no plan filed” even though ATC and everyone else sees it. It would be nice to know what the issue is, and if anyone is working on it.

I don’t know if anyone’s working on it - not sure if anyone has filed a support ticket for this issue yet – but I’m curious – how do you file your flight plans (i.e. on what platform, e.g. or through your client? If the latter, which client)? Thanks.