Vatsim Servers IPs

Good day.

Since the last couple of days, stopped feeding vatsim’s individual servers IPs. We were using the IPs in our VA to check the online status of our pilots. Is this a permanent change and if yes, are there any other means to retrieve those IPs?

seems like yes it is permanent, since AUTOMATIC forwarding to servers (i believe for distributing connections equally) came out. maybe you can manage it with API or something else…

Yes this is permanent, I am curious how those IP’s were providing you any insight into your pilot activity?
The V3 JSON feed does include a server’s list in it, but that shouldn’t be of any use really. The datafeed is what tools like vatspy or simaware use to track online clients, so you should only need to scrape the clients from that JSON response. More details can be found here: Data Feeds · vatsimnetwork/developer-info Wiki · GitHub

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That’s easy. If the acars software finds one of the vatsim’s server IP in the clients connections list then voila, he’s flying online!

The V3 JSON ( doesn’t include servers list any more as it used to up to a couple of days before, it only lists, thus my question.

The data file itself does include a servers list which is auto populated by the dataserver, so that will be where you can find the actual servers.

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Thanks mate, i hadn’t noticed that they are also mentioned there :slight_smile:

Does the method you use to get client connections account for VPN/proxy usage? I would guess it does but I’ve never actually tried myself :slight_smile: