Vatsim Prefile changing my equipment code when using myvatsim

This issue has been happening when i change the equipment code that simbreif gives me like the B722 /W simbreif gives me /C which i change to /W but when i go to Vat Spy it says im /L which is incorrect its annoying cause i have to tell controllers to change it or put it in my remarks any help here? Xpilot

FAA Equipment codes need to be converted to an ICAO equivalent before it’s sent to FSD.
I recommend filing it using an ICAO equipment code/transponder - soon, FAA equipment codes will not be supported anymore

wdym by “ICAO codes” /W is a icao code but for somereason on simaware, vatspy, vatprism, and controlers client its shows up as /L or just nothing

unless you are simply trying to indicate that you are RVSM approved (which is what W stands for), /W it’s not an ICAO code

/L would be the correct FAA-code for your type of aircraft: RVSM+RNP.

But please switch to using ICAO-codes. Suggestion: Simbrief has the applicable ICAO-codes for all available aircraft types.

/W which is non-rnav but rvsm and non gnss. so vor to vor but with rvsm. nobody that i know uses icao equiment codes so why would my transponder code go to /L im not no RNP. and the icao equiment code i usally get rid of or just make it with one letter or what simbreif gives me. seems like people are not understanding what im saying i dont care about the ICAO equiment i care about my transponder equiment code it should be /W but its /L when i file /W

I’m having a lot of trouble understanding what you are trying to say.

Your transponder capabilities (part of item 10b) have nothing to do with your navigation capabilities (part of item 10a), there are completely separate codes for that. You cannot file W in item 10b because it isn’t an available code (L, on the other hand, is and shows that your transponder can transmit a Mode S aircraft ID and pressure altitude, has enhanced surveillance capabilites such as transmitting the altitude selected in the MCP, and features an extended squitter that transmits ADS-B information; it is basically the most advanced surveillance equipment code for transponders).

If you only file W in item 10a, that basically communicates that your aircraft is authorized for RVSM operations but has basically no other equipment (i.e. you are only able to navigate terrestrially and have no way of communicating with anyone outside of the aircraft).

ICAO equipment codes are an absolute standard in present-day aviation (even in the US, you basically never file anything else nowadays) - and I for one don’t know anyone who uses FAA equipment codes - so that’s what controllers will be seeing on their screens and working with. Why would you not use that? And more than that, why would you, when you already have an ICAO equipment code, change that to an FAA code?

As Marcello said above: the back end hasn’t supported FAA codes for a while now and the front end will soon stop supporting them too, so everyone who still uses them should start switching to ICAO codes as soon as possible.

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Thanks for telling me im not making since but this is what im talking about

this was taken from my B732 flight from DEN-ORD as you can see simbreif gives me /S which i change to /W. but i think people are talking about the equipment to the left of the transponder equipment which in turn made me confused. so when i file do i have to make it the correct letters?
Also /W is mode C with no gnss and no rnav

You’re mixing up ICAO equipment codes and FAA equipment codes.
There is no transponder /W on the ICAO format. That’s an FAA equipment code, and if you use that, it should go on “Equipment” on the form, leaving “Transponder” blank per the “Skip if FAA equip” message.
This is being deprecated - FAA equipment codes will be removed soon from the form.
Here is a quick reference from the FAA on the ICAO equipment codes and Transponder/Survaillance