VATSIM Mexico inactive?

Dreamflight Studios released MMOX Oaxaca which looks good as far as I can tell from videos and screenshots.
Now I was wondering how active VATSIM Mexico is?

Is there some ATC to expect or is MX one of the lesser staffed FIRs on VATSIM?

There is a Visit Mexico event every Thursday at 0130z.

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Hi Reinhard,

The Mexico FIRs have seen a large increase in ATC activity for about the last six months, since Mr. Valdez became the new Division Director last year.

The weekly Visit Mexico event that David mentioned is a great opportunity to fly with the local controllers. The staffing level is nice and controllers are normally available at multiple airports.

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Thanks a lot @1487670 and @1643616

I guess this Vatsim Mexico website I found first could be shut down, as it is… just a little outdated: VATMEX Virtual Air Traffic Mexico


Wowzers! That’s old indeed! To find the current site:

Go to the VATSIM home page, then go to Documents > Regions > Americas

and then select Mexico Division (VATMEX) (