What is the lowest VATSIM ID issued?
Are their any that start with 666xxx?

If I remember right, they started at 8xxxxx, with the Founders being the first, at 80000x (I can’t remember his CID, it was 20 years ago!). This was to completely differentiate between the VATSIM IDs and the SATCO IDs which the controller ranks were being ETL’ed into VATSIM.


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800005 is the first CID, afaik

I believe that’s right, and that one was Harv. Kyp, GSM and Amy Gilbert I believe are right after Harv, though not sure of their IDs, but they are in the 80000x range. We have nothing under 800000.


1 Like here you find the answer to your question, in particular:
" §4.06 Founder’s Certificates of Identification

Each Founder shall be identifiable to all members of by a unique Certificate of Identification (“CID”). The CIDs of Founders shall begin with the two digits “80”. The CIDs of all VATSIM members who are not Founders shall be issued sequentially, beginning with CID 810000. No CID lower than 810000 may be issued without the consent of the Founders."


Thank you all. You have answered the question for me. Appreciate all the input.