VATSIM Global Controller Administration Policy (GCAP)

On March 1st 2024, the VATSIM Global Controller Administration Policy (GCAP) will officially replace the VATSIM Global Ratings Policy (GRP) that has governed ATC rules and regulations on VATSIM for many years.

Global Controller Administration Policy (GCAP):

GCAP is a complete rewrite of the ATC policy, developed from the ground up to meet the needs and requirements of ATC on the VATSIM network in 2023 and beyond.

Transitional Period
Starting today, September 14th 2023, a transitional period will begin during which all VATSIM Divisions and Subdivisions can gradually transition from GRP to GCAP over the next 6 months. On March 1st 2024, all Divisions and Subdivisions should have completed this transition and be fully GCAP compliant, though many will have done so sooner.

Noteworthy changes:

  • VATSIM wide standards and limits for controller activity, controller currency and controller roster requirements.
  • Introduction of several types of ‘Designated Status’ for ATC positions to replace ‘Major Airports’ and ‘Special Centers’ to allow more flexibility whilst lowering and limiting overall training requirements.
  • (Sub)Divisions must publish requirements for all restrictions and endorsements on their website.

For any questions regarding what GCAP means for your Division or Subdivision, please contact your Region, Division or Subdivision staff.

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