VATSIM Fox — the user statistic viewer

Hey there!

I’ve been noticed that there is no way to check your latest flights information on VATSIM, so I decided to make a small pet-project for that, an open-source website, where you can check it — VATSIM Fox.

The project is fully opened so if you found some bugs you can create issue or even fix that. If you contribute in it, or just tap a “star/watched” button, I will appreciate :smiley:

For now, you can see just a little bit information from you last flight: map, times, flight plan and etc. Also, you can check your last ATC shift information: how many aircraft did you track, seen and etc.

In the future I want to add map to ATC, add VATSIM OAuth2, that you could login in your account and see more detailed information. And also, obviously, update website UI/UX, because I’m not good enough on this right now.

GitHub: GitHub - uw935/vatsimfox: Project to view detailed VATSIM profile statistic. Now it easier to know where have you been flying two flights ago

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Thanks for the work you’ve done so far. Curious what the ultimate design intent is in terms of how it does, or will, differ from ?

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Thank you for review :heart:

Actually, in the near future I wish I could make something like Volana but just for VATSIM :slightly_smiling_face:

Where you could see your history, maybe countries that you flown to, also change the style of application to map, where you could click to one destination or arrival and get flights that you been fly here with. But the main problem of this idea is that the count of flight plans you could fetch from API is just 50, but if I couldn’t find solution to this problem, probably I’ll just leave it fifty.

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Recent news

  1. Application moved to another server
  2. Making new 2.0 update
  3. Backend will be soon rewritten to FastAPI

That’s, probably, it right now. Thank you!